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Productive solutions.

We provide access to a range of strategic services such as planning and surveying, construction, installation and commissioning works, as well as integrated automation and creation of automated process control systems through our professional network.



Supply the right project documentation for your next venture with fast access to draftspeople, technical writers, consultants and other professionals to ensure your venture is successful.
Through the LNBG network, sourcing the correct contractors for your industrial or commercial projects is streamlined.

Automated Systems

Industrial and commercial systems automation has proven to be one of the most cost-effective advances in industrial technology in recent decades. Not only does automation improve productivity, but it also reduces risk.
Working with experts means that software development, integrated application, modelling, field testing and other technical advances are applied to your systems, bolstering performance, accountability and compliance standards.

ACW, PW and Assembly

Secure your development project with an experienced and professional team. We help you source the experts required to execute power plant and supporting infrastructure development and maintenance.
Contract teams for major projects including overhead power lines installation, transformer substations installation, internal engineering systems and ground cable lines installation to central heat supply stations, pumping stations, ventilation and air conditioning systems in shopping centres and residential projects.

Software Products and Hardware Complexes

To ensure that your operations are performing to the highest standards, employing the right software and hardware capabilities is vital. From sensitive monitoring equipment installed at your chemicals plant to ecological survey equipment to ensure you meet with compliance standards on your building site, we have access to the most proficient technical teams to support your needs.
Forecasting, DDoS attack blocking, and biometric verification systems are some of the basic systems that can be implemented by professional teams who also offer training and ongoing support and who are part of the LNBG network.

Power Systems

Power-system automation includes the monitoring and control of power delivery systems in the substation and on the pole to reduce the occurrence of outages and shorten the duration of outages that do occur.

Instrumentation and Control systems monitor, control, and protect the power system, while acquired data can be used locally within the device collecting it, sent to another device in a substation, or sent from the substation to one or several databases for use by operators, engineers, planners, and administration.

This acquired data means that operators and engineers can monitor the information remotely or locally, while field personnel can also control devices using front-panel push buttons or a laptop computer.

Oil and Gas Companies

The oil and gas industry requires innovative solutions as it transitions to more efficient operations and lower carbon business models. Automation technology can create efficiencies that make environmental and financial sense from drilling operations to consumer purchasing, across the full oil and gas lifecycle.

Automation of drilling operations using continuous diagnostics based on sensor data from the drilling equipment can increase accuracy, reduce costs, increase uptime and improve safety.

Automation also has the capability to optimise supply chains, workforce deployment, spare parts management and numerous organisational inefficiencies.

Civil Engineering

The construction business is one of the largest industries in the world, however, it is one of the least digitized industries worldwide, and has resultantly failed to significantly increase worker productivity in decades.

Drones are excellent for conducting site inspections, especially on mega projects like skyscrapers or shopping malls. They can also be used for inventory management and other project management related tasks.

Automation of prefabricated housing is increasing as projects require fewer materials and produce less waste. Robotics applications used in prefab warehouses ease work that humans have traditionally done, enhancing productivity and safety in the construction sector.

Chemicals Industry

Bulk chemical manufacturing companies work in tight margins where cost control is mandatory. Here, automation enables innovation in areas that matter to customers, (e.g., delivery time, product consistency, etc.), and improves cost efficiency throughout the manufacturing process.

The extensive field of chemical processes varies from simple, continuous processes to complex batch processes with recipe controls and automatic grade changes.

Integrated automation and information management systems, batch processes, safety interlocking systems interfaced to the automation system, as well as process history data, process operation and product tracking benefit businesses with improved efficiency, repeatability of process operations, scalability, expediting mandatory reporting procedures and compliance checks.

OPC Technology

Open Platform Communications (OPC) is a series of standards and specifications for industrial telecommunication. OPC specifies the communication of real-time plant data between control devices from different manufacturers.

OPC technology is applied to building automation, discrete manufacturing, process control and many other sectors.

OPC has evolved beyond its original Object Linking and Embedding implementation to include other data transportation technologies. While the most common OPC application is for real-time communications and data updates, there are many more sophisticated applications that support the automation and processes of industries, manufacturing and logistics, to name a few.


We provide access to a range of integrated automation solutions and automated process control systems to help improve the efficiency of industrial facilities.



We provide the answer to improving productivity, safety protocols and regulations compliance with integrated automation provided by our network partners.
Automation solutions help with the accurate measuring and recording of vital industry information required for compliance purposes.
Automation of industry functions helps to improve safety standards and productivity in labour-intensive and high-risk industries, including petrochemical refinement and chemical manufacturing.

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