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As an LNBG Investment client, you get a choice. Select the designation and placement of your funds and/or assets into diverse investment programs.


Structured Notes

Structured Note/s are issued by several of the largest and most respected international banking institutions.

Your funds are transferred into a special bank account and that institution issues you a Structured Note. You are able to purchase Structured Notes with listed ISIN numbers (utilized for open market investment purposes). The initial funds transferred against the Structured Notes will be managed by LNBG Investment in Capital Market or Secondary Market trading scenarios.

The issuing bank provides a weekly activity report so that you can monitor investment performance.

You can elect to either sell or cash your Structured Note/s at any time for the current trading value, as the bank is the contractual guarantor for the payment of the note/s. [If you choose to liquidate your note/s all trading activity will be terminated.]

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