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LNBG Investment Mission Statement

LNBG Investment LLC is a licensed investment company based in the UAE. We provide services associated with commodities trading, as well as a broad range of financial and investment opportunities.

We aim to maintain profitable portfolios for our clients without disrupting corresponding financial markets.

We have established specialized strategies referenced against the ever-changing global economy to ensure we meet our goals.

Our Projects

Before LNBG Investment accept a project proposal we require the client to provide the following documents and assurances.


Projects to be submitted with full business plans.


Applicants must provide a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the appropriate authorities and/or ruling parties, demonstrating that the proposed project/s poses no potential hazardous environmental threats.


Projects proposed in any politically or otherwise contested areas will be rejected outright.


Projects must be designed to withstand naturally occurring calamities.


All submitted documentation must comply with established regional laws.


Project submissions must include details of proposed collateral in the form of Standby Letters of Credit, Bank Guarantees, or other acceptable, pre-arranged collateral.

Approved Projects

LNBG Investment has an established relationship with its international clients.
The company works closely with major private international banking institutions in Singapore.
This relationship allows the company to manage clients’ funds or assets in a variety of projects and/or investment programs.
All ‘accepted for submission projects’ will be categorized and recommended as a ‘potential client’ under established protocols. Upon successful completion of a standardized international banking compliance process, approved projects will be issued an associated bank account under the approved client name.
If you want to know more about our managed projects, please contact our team.

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